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MulchLock Pro

Secure Your Landscaping with DOMINATOR Mulch Anchor - The Ultimate Mulch Lock and Pea Gravel Stabilizer Spray!

- Fast-drying: The DOMINATOR Mulch Anchor
- 5 Gallons dries quickly, which means that you won't have to wait around for hours for it to set. This is especially convenient if you need to complete a landscaping project quickly.
- Non-toxic: Unlike some other mulch glues or stabilizers, the DOMINATOR Mulch Anchor
- 5 Gallons is non-toxic and safe for use around children and pets. You won't have to worry about any harmful chemicals leaching into your soil or water supply.

If you're tired of constantly having to redo your mulch or pea gravel, the DOMINATOR Mulch Anchor is the solution you've been looking for. This easy-to-use spray is specifically designed to lock in your mulch or pea gravel, keeping it in place for up to two years. The fast-drying, non-toxic formula is strong enough to hold even in heavy rain or wind, making it perfect for use in any landscape. And with its ready-to-use spray bottle, application is a breeze - simply spray the solution over your mulch or pea gravel and let it dry. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly reapplying your mulch or pea gravel and hello to a long-lasting, beautiful landscape with DOMINATOR Mulch Anchor.